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SeniorZine, Issue #014 -- Attitude of Gratitude
December 01, 2014

Health Success As Senior? Yes, Absolutely!

SeniorZine, Issue #014 -- Attitude of Gratitude

December 1, 2014

How Gratitude Builds a Healthier Life

I choose this topic on Thanksgiving Day 2014 - because it is, well, appropriate and timely.

My website is about senior health, with health-promoting nutrition and exercise as the cornerstones.

What does an attitude of gratitude have to do with this?

Simply put: EVERYTHING.

Scientists have proven (the neuroscience of gratitude) that gratitude improves health and longevity. The Harvard Mental Health Letter says that "expressing thanks may be one of the simplest ways to feel better."

You can - and will – feel better simply by expressing thankfulness.

Before you have even given a thought to eating healthily or engaging in certain physical activity, aka exercise.

Don't get me wrong. These are vital to your well-being, but it all starts with developing an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude is measurable. Here are some of the effects of showing gratitude:

-The neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine improve your mood, pleasure and cognition

-Reduced stress hormones cortisol

-Cytokines (small proteins important in cell signaling) help your immune system and fight inflammation

-Lower blood pressure and blood sugar

-Even social bonding hormones (oxytocin) are produced

The latter relates to another important cornerstone ( social health ) you can read about on my website. It is vital as we get older.

Gratitude can be learned by developing the right attitude.

Here are some examples –

*Reflect on events that made you happy. Write them down. You can thus count your blessings.

*Write thank you notes or letters.

*Smile at people and say thank you for even the smallest favors.

*Give thanks in your prayers.

*Practice mindfulness (meditation).

Attitude is a mental state which can be cultivated.

To find out more about how to cultivate this attitude, contact me . I'm here to listen and help.

I know it works. I'm doing it.

As you already know, I enjoy being my peers' guide, supporter and cheerleader.

Take time for dietary and exercise improvements. Make time for living! Make time for challenges!

One of the goals of is to show you how to live a longer and healthier life by learning from many different older adults, including centenarians.

You can look forward to lots of encouraging information in future editions of SeniorZine.

Yours in good senior health,

Guenter Hauser, CHC, CFT, SSF

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