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SeniorZine, Issue #011 -- Effects of Dehydration
September 01, 2014

Health Success As Senior? Yes, Absolutely!

SeniorZine, Issue #011 -- Effects of Dehydration

September 1, 2014

The Effects of Dehydration - Seniors Beware

I'm working on an extended page with regard to the effects of dehydration.

This is an important topic.

But it's woefully undervalued by many older adults!

So, let me preview and highlight it right now. You, dear subscriber, shall be the first to know.

As we get older our sense of thirst gradually diminishes.

If we don't assure ourselves of frequent and sufficient consumption of water and other liquids (I'll have more to say about this on the upcoming web page), the detrimental effects of dehydration can become severe.

Dear senior, don't wait until you're thirsty.

Once you feel thirst, your body and all its vital functions are already negatively affected.

Don't worry about overdrinking water – if done in moderation – as the kidneys will take care of this by eliminating the excess via the urine.

This sentence reminds me to mention that there is NO moderation in overdrinking alcoholic beverages :)

If you exercise regularly you must of course increase your liquid intake. Make sure to drink before, during extended sessions, and after the exercise.

Other reasons for drinking extra water are hot weather and illness such as fever or diarrhea.

Diabetes requires careful monitoring of liquid intake.

So, I'll ask you to start drinking more water. Have water glasses sitting around as reminders and make it a habit to drink often.

New and life-saving habits can be established in about three weeks. Then they're keepers – if you enjoy them. And only then will they remain keepers.

It's very uplifting to see the shift in the health behavior of seniors.

I always say: "It's never too late" – and so, I encourage you to spread the word to all your senior friends and loved ones. If you or someone you know has questions about health behavior changes (diet and exercise) - contact me . I'm here to listen and help.

I know it works. I'm doing it.

A thoroughly satisfying, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle (with greater life expectancy) is well worth the effort.

As you already know, I enjoy being my peers' guide, supporter and cheerleader.

Take time for dietary and exercise improvements. Make time for living! Make time for challenges!

One of the goals of is to show you how to live a longer and healthier life by learning from many different older adults, including centenarians.

You can look forward to lots of encouraging information in future editions of SeniorZine. Yours in good senior health,

Guenter Hauser, CHC, CFT, SSF

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