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SeniorZine, Issue #009 -- Fat and Heart Disease
July 01, 2014

Health Success As Senior? Yes, Absolutely!

SeniorZine, Issue #009 -- Fat and Heart Disease

July 1, 2014

Butter is Back. Or is it?

There was some brouhaha lately over a meta-analysis published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

The way the report read was that there is no evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk for heart disease.

And all the meat lovers, cheese cherishers, and "Greasy Spoon" patrons rejoiced.

Mark Bittman, food columnist with the New York Times, declared "butter is back."

Hold the horses! Not so fast! Don't pass the butter (or margarine) yet.

First off, you shouldn't believe just anything spread in the media, as shock value is its main reason for existence.

Secondly, a meta-analysis can be done by anyone with an internet connection. This one was done by a group of scientists who didn't seem to know the subject very well. After publication of the paper, some of the major errors they committed were corrected, but the damage was done.

Without getting into the details of the report – nothing good came of it – I remain convinced that a whole food plant-based diet is by far the best thing under the sun.

If you want to prevent or reverse heart disease , a diet of lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.) will serve your health much better.

So, hold the butter, please. It's no silver bullet.

The benefits of healthy eating are very clear to anyone willing to see them.

Did you know that only 1.5 % of Americans meet daily recommendations for both vegetables and fruits?

This figure is based on DECADES of statistics.

And, it's what the media should be focusing on instead of spreading good news about people's bad habits.

Oh, and I'd like to mention that it seems that the salt industry paid people to do meta-analyses with the following (predictable) outcome:

Eating less salt does not prevent heart attacks and strokes – it may even cause them!

The consumer is led by the nose. Shame on the industry.

However, many followers of my website are "getting it." They're telling me so.

It's very uplifting to see the shift in the health behavior of seniors. I always say: "It's never too late" – and so, I encourage you to spread the word - instead of the butter - to all your senior friends and loved ones.

If you or someone else has questions about health behavior changes - contact me . I'm here to listen and help.

I know it works. I'm doing it.

New and life-saving habits can be established in about three weeks.

A thoroughly satisfying, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle (with greater life expectancy) is well worth the effort.

As you already know, I enjoy being my peers' guide, supporter and cheerleader.

Take time for dietary and exercise improvements. Make time for living! Make time for challenges!

One of the goals of is to show you how to live a longer and healthier life by learning from many different older adults, including centenarians.

You can look forward to lots of encouraging information in future editions of SeniorZine.

Yours in good senior health,

Guenter Hauser, CHC, CFT, SSF

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