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SeniorZine, Issue #008 -- Health Habits
June 01, 2014

Health Success As Senior? Yes, Absolutely!

SeniorZine, Issue #008 -- Health Habits

June 1, 2014

Health Habits – Are Yours Healthy?

A recent issue of Psychology of Sport and Exercise published a German study of 500 men and women.

Over an eight-year period, the impact of many factors on their state of health was analyzed, including nutrition and exercise habits, socioeconomic status, stress management, and social support.

While all are important, lo and behold, nutrition and physical exercise had the greatest impact on the subjects' health.

When these health habits were established at the outset of the study, the effects of the practices were still positively felt two decades later!

This is exciting!

It ties in nicely with my long-standing credo of "It's never too late to make healthy changes" --

but the best time (particularly for seniors) has to be NOW.

The study summarizes that the earlier we acquire healthy habits the greater the effect on premature aging and disease prevention will be.

The rewards include lower risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and others.

You can take great comfort in knowing that it's well worth your time (think longevity!) to undertake the effort. A small, ongoing investment that pays out very well for a long time.

There is no such thing as "too little too late", or "at our age habits like these are just not practical." (The latter statement was actually made to me when I coached a neighbor of mine.)

It never ceases to amaze me what flimsy and shallow excuses people come up with. Just not practical??

For you, the most encouraging news coming out of the study would be that good health habits such as a balanced diet – I promote a plant-based diet – and regular, daily exercise can and will have long-lasting results.

Life as a senior should – and can – be full of vitality, vigor, joy, and whatever it is that's important to you. The small price to be paid in the form of changing health behaviors, i.e. adopting a truly healthful diet and daily exercise, is absolutely and unquestionably worth it!

If you or someone else has questions about health behavior changes - contact me . I'm here to listen and help.

I know it works. I'm doing it.

New and life-saving habits can be established in about three weeks.

A thoroughly satisfying, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle (with greater life expectancy) is well worth the effort.

As you already know, I enjoy being my peers' guide, supporter and cheerleader.

Take time for dietary and exercise improvements. Make time for living! Make time for challenges!

One of the goals of is to show you how to live a longer and healthier life by learning from many different older adults, including centenarians.

You can look forward to lots of encouraging information in future editions of SeniorZine.

Yours in good senior health,

Guenter Hauser, CHC, CFT, SSF

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