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SeniorZine, Issue #010 -- Meat and Heart Disease
August 01, 2014

Health Success As Senior? Yes, Absolutely!

SeniorZine, Issue #010 -- Meat and Heart Disease

August 1, 2014

Meat And Heart Disease – The Iron Irony

Yet another myth – or call it a promotional "truth" spread by the meat industry – was laid to rest.

The myth is that even if you eat lots of meat it fits into a heart-healthy diet.

Twenty-one studies were reviewed by researchers.

What they discovered was that there is a STRONG association between "heme" iron (only found in animal foods) and coronary heart disease.

And not just by a little bit – a stunning 57 percent increase of risk for CHD was found to be due to the consumption of heme iron.

What's equally astounding is the fact that there was NO association between non-heme iron (found mostly in plants) and coronary heart disease.

True, your body absorbs heme iron from meat more efficiently than non-heme iron from plants. But this is not necessarily a good thing.


The heme iron likely bypasses your body's iron-regulating system, causing inflammation and ultimately damage to your arteries.

Meat and heart disease are destructive partners when it comes to your health.

If you make sure that you consume a greatly varied plant-based diet with emphasis on whole foods, you will get all the iron your body so vitally needs.

Besides, plants come with fiber (digestive and colon health) and thousands of phytonutrients, whereas meats come with cholesterol and loads of saturated fats (risk for digestive problems and myriad diseases, including colon cancer).

My choice is clear.

A varied, well-balanced plant-based diet will provide me all the necessary micronutrients – iron being one of them – for a senior life of optimal health.

Your choice is – well, your choice.

If you or someone else has questions about health behavior changes - contact me . I'm here to listen and help.

I know it works. I'm doing it.

New and life-saving habits can be established in about three weeks.

A thoroughly satisfying, fulfilling and healthy lifestyle (with greater life expectancy) is well worth the effort.

As you already know, I enjoy being my peers' guide, supporter and cheerleader.

Take time for dietary and exercise improvements. Make time for living! Make time for challenges!

One of the goals of is to show you how to live a longer and healthier life by learning from many different older adults, including centenarians.

You can look forward to lots of encouraging information in future editions of SeniorZine. Yours in good senior health,

Guenter Hauser, CHC, CFT, SSF

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