Aging Gracefully
Be Kind To Your Self

They say aging gracefully is an art.

Okay, then you have to be the artist. You need creative thinking. Yes, it requires a little planning and skill. Not too much…

Getting older is automatic. But aging with grace, vitality, and the right attitude is a skill that can easily be acquired.

Gerontologists say that the fear of losing physical independence and getting seriously ill are emotions the seniors need to be aware of.

This of course doesn’t mean you have to sit around and think an awful lot about getting older or frail or ill.

Believe it or not, a healthy dose of denial comes in handy as the years pass.

Just don’t focus on what is not working as well as it used to. Instead, focus on what you can do NOW to make sure you keep what you still have at your disposal. For many years to come.

 Aging Gracefully Really Means…

           Generosity and kindness to your body

Having said that, it also requires some guts and some smarts.

Years ago I read a couple of books by Dr. Walter Bortz that left a deep impression upon me. You might want to have a look at them.

Aging gracefully and successfully comes down to two very simple factors…

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Regular physical activity, aka exercise

No matter how many pills, potions, and procedures some gurus will recommend to you - so you can avoid making the changes in your lifestyle necessary to increase your chances for continued independence and longevity…

Diet and exercise are what matter most. Period.

No matter what the pharmaceutical giants, the powerful meat and dairy pushers, or the processed food and soda conglomerates tell you to put in your body - 

It’s a HEALTHY diet and REGULAR exercise that will allow you to age gracefully. And with dignity. Simple as that.

Once you accept this truth and show an interest in making changes in your health behavior, your attitude will soar…

You'll be on the fast track to optimal aging.

I used to think it couldn't be done. I was wrong.

What I mean by that is more fully explained on my page on, yep... Optimal Aging.

Truly independent science is now - this is the 21st century, not the dark ages any more - very clear and undeniable about your diet playing the Number One role with regard to your body’s healthy functioning. 

The critical ingredients of your diet are very simple to understand. 

They are… 

A plant-strong nutrition reduces your risk of many illnesses such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes and obesity. It strengthens your immune defenses, and supports brain health.

The benefits to your quality of life are real and indisputable.

The same is true for participation in regular physical activity.

One very important benefit - or health outcome - has to be a strong and efficient cardiovascular system, with increase in work capacity, decrease in resting heart rate, decrease in total cholesterol, decrease in blood pressure, and increase in oxygen distribution. 

Greatly benefiting from exercise is also the respiratory system, with a decrease of the number of breaths per minute, a decrease in respiratory exchange ratio, and an increase in vital capacity.

A third great benefit from exercise would be a strong skeletal system, because bone loss, or osteoporosis, is a very serious problem in older persons, especially in women.

The fourth benefit is a strength-trained muscular system to fight age-related loss of muscular mass, strength and endurance.

How can one be aging gracefully, when one's body lacks elegance and effortlessness of movement due to weakness, inflexibility and overweight?

Fighting or reversing loss of muscle mass is absolutely critical in older adults, as this aids joint stability, affects bone density positively, and helps maintain physical independence. It has even been proven to reduce the risk of colon cancer and diabetes.

The number five benefit I’ll state here is the maintenance of joint mobility and flexibility. Exercise will help greatly to prevent joint surface deterioration, stiffness, and loss of flexibility as you advance into your senior years.

It bears repeating - aging gracefully means being generous and kind to your body.

Diet and exercise. Seems simple enough. 

But for some older adults it’s just not that easy to make the changes necessary - even if they plainly see the benefits.

Find out how Health Coaching can come to the rescue. It is a proven tool for achieving senior health success.

Last, but not least, positive thinking leads to "happy aging."

It may sound like a contradiction in itself, but "happy aging" is a wonderful way to age with more happiness and increased longevity.

Research clearly proves that. Read about it here...

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