Be Proactive with
an Anti-aging Diet 

What is an anti-aging diet? Let’s see…

Conventional wisdom says -- eating the RIGHT FOODS keeps you healthy. More than that…

Enjoying the right foods not only keeps you looking and feeling younger - it actually slows down the aging process.

Problem is, many people don’t realize what they eat may NOT be the RIGHT FOODS.

In fact, Americans’ food choices are the most significant cause of disease and premature death.

In other words, the majority of our population is consuming a pro-aging diet.

What the majority of us eat on a daily basis is called the Standard American Diet, SAD for short - and sad it is!

It is making us sick and sicker - fat and fatter.

(The article on Fighting Fat will give you hope)

The SAD diet causes disease.

It consists of 42 percent (of calories) animal and animal-based products, 51 percent PROCESSED foods, and ONLY 5 percent of calories from vegetables and fruit.

The remaining percentage consists of such artery-clogging garbage as french fries and potato chips. Please, don't call these greasy, salty things a vegetable.

Lacking any fresh and wholesome nutrients, processed food means that it is engineered to last almost forever without spoiling. 

To the food conglomerates ‘anti-aging’ means extending the shelf life of their ware.

Extending Your Life is Up to YOU.

Processed food is produced using the lowest quality ingredients to assure the highest profit to the manufacturers.

It’s that kind of garbage that shows up as “edible food-like substances” on your supermarket shelves. 

You know - the stuff that’s offered as “new and improved naturalness” or whatever… 

You know - the stuff that’s held together by loads of sugar and salt, gobs of unhealthy fats, and processed-to-death - sorry, refined - mostly genetically engineered ingredients. 

But it looks good with all that artificial coloring, doesn’t it… 

You get the idea.

Let’s now talk about your anti-aging diet…

Every month, more clear and definitive evidence is being presented by the scientific community that our health and well-being is intricately connected with the food we eat.

What independent science agrees on is this…

Your body needs - and thrives on -  the right balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat) to micronutrients (phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals).

I consider water to be an additional macronutrient.

Water is vital. It is sustaining life.

The macros contain calories to provide the energy your body needs for proper function into old age.

The micros have different vital roles to play. These compounds - thousands of them - work in synergy to detoxify carcinogens, deactivate free radicals, maintain your immune system, and enable DNA repair.

For more on Detox Foods click here.

By the way, so-called Power Foods are being talked about a lot lately. See for yourself here.

Yet another topic that's especially dear to my heart is the many benefits of Fermented Foods.

Proper nutrition reduces the risk of degenerative diseases and provides the older adult long-term health and a longer life.

Plants of all types should form the bulk of your calorie consumption that promotes health and longevity, such as green vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, fruits, beans and other legumes...

Simply put - a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Whole grains in your anti-aging diet keep your blood vessels in peak  working condition as you grow older. The emphasis is on whole - none or very little of that refined stuff, like white rice and white flour.

The greater your variety of fresh plant foods, the greater your intake of life-extending micronutrients.

The word variety is key, because lack of phytochemicals due to a low-micronutrient diet has an inevitable consequence: chronic disease...

Look around - how many of your peers are suffering from one or several chronic conditions? Rampant in the baby boomer generation, these diseases are totally unnecessary and avoidable! 

Why don’t I recommend meat products - that includes beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood - as part of a healthy anti-aging diet?

Because they do more harm than good.

It's the same problem with dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt) and eggs, as most of them come from animals that are more dead than alive.

They too do more harm than good.

Plus, none of these animal products contain ANY dietary fiber - which is absolutely vital to your health.

Having said all the above, I firmly believe you have every right to choose your nutritional lifestyle as you see fit.

If you’re here to see about an anti-aging diet, let me assure you of this -- 

ANY changes - no matter how small - that you make in your diet toward healthier, wholesome foods of greater variety and freshness, and less processed 'food-like substances', will exceed any expected benefits.

If you’re interested in learning more about other ways to use the power of healthy foods to affect the quality and length of your life, click on Vegetarian Nutrition or Vegan Nutrition.

You can make Senior Health your Success for life. Start with little steps.

Anything you do to establish healthy food habits will be of tremendous benefit. I know this first hand because I'm doing it with amazing success.

Start by contacting me with your questions.

Find out how you can rebuild or improve your well-being by allowing me to guide you on your road to healthy and fulfilling longevity. 

Health Coaching has been shown to be an incredibly successful tool in reaching health goals for the older adult, the senior, and the young-at-heart. 

I believe the time is now to take action and improve our seniors’ health. If not now, when?

We don’t need to find a cure for obesity and diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It has already been found.

It is sitting there on the shelves and bins of your supermarkets and grocery stores - mainly in the fresh produce section. Or find it at your local farmers market.

Start implementing your anti-aging diet today.

It’s for your benefit.

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