A Brain Diet Is
Food For Thought

A healthy brain diet keeps your thinking sharp and your memory intact.

Your body with all its muscles, joints and blood vessels thrives on healthy nutrition. So does your brain.

I'm talking about a dietary lifestyle that puts emphasis on highly beneficial nutrients aimed at preserving and even improving your brain’s functions.

You may notice all this if you change from a nutrient-poor diet, such as the Standard American Diet (SAD), to a truly healthy whole foods, plant-based diet.

A great majority of Americans are on that SAD diet, sometimes referred to as Western diet. It makes this population sick, overweight and malnourished, and it shortens the health span of life.

As if this weren’t bad enough…

This poor diet - look at all the rich and highly processed foods - results in a loss of brain function. It leads to a gradual degeneration of cognition, emotions, mobility.

This diet lacks thousands of plant nutrients - phytochemicals and vitamins and minerals and dietary fibers - and so is responsible for a premature decline in mental health of the older population.

It can lead to confinement to bed at home or the need to become institutionalized. 

What a miserable ride through the “Golden Years” that is. What an incredible burden on the family…

Fifty percent of the seniors who make it to age 85 will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease! 

Think about it. This could be you. If you make it…

This is not simply “age-related” -- it doesn’t have to be.

And it doesn’t have to be YOU.

The good news stares us right in the face. 

The good news is that dementia and Alzheimer’s can be prevented by making a change...

Brain Diet Equals Plant-Based Diet

It’s not drastic. It’s not restrictive. 

Not, if you want to live a vibrant, long and fulfilling life.

It’s a truly healthy diet that comes with an abundance of powerful brain foods.

These will greatly aid in the restoration and even improvement of your vital brain functions. 

For your benefit I have added a separate page with a number of incredibly helpful Brain Foods. Please, make sure to visit that page.

There you’ll find valuable building blocks for the brain diet that will help you keep your mind in top condition. 

Some foods are specifically recommended - and some you should avoid.

You should avoid foods and supplements that promote dementia and Alzheimer’s by changing your nutrition. 

Avoid meats and dairy products - the prime sources of bad fats and cholesterol.

Why limit or eliminate saturated fats from meats and dairy products, such as cheese, butter and ice cream?

Because they seriously impair concentration and memory. They increase your risk of dementia.

Besides, they’re high in calories. Eating too many calories in your senior years also affects your cognitive abilities.

Instead, find out how incredibly delicious a plant-strong diet can be.

Learn to love it. It surely beats dying prematurely or lingering in an institution.

Time is running. For everyone. I make no bones about it.

The brain diet really is the key component of an overall truly healthy whole foods, plant-based diet

You deserve enjoying a vibrant, long and fulfilling life.

The choice in entirely yours.   

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