Causes of Osteoarthritis

Simply getting older brings on osteoarthritis. This is what many believe to be a fact. Well, not so fast…

Yes, it can happen over time – in a very gradual way. But, there are causes of osteoarthritis other than merely aging would suggest. They include:

  • Injured, defective (genetic) or deformed joints
  • Work-related mechanical stresses on the joints
  • Sports-related mechanical stresses on the joints
  • Changes in sex hormone levels post-menopause
  • Lack of exercise

Alkaptonuria (genetic disorder), Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (connective tissue disorder), Wilson's disease, and several others are rare disorders.

But... Merely aging in and of itself is not a risk factor.

Now, there are causes of this most common form of arthritis that I would like to call your attention to, because they all seem diet-related.

Diet-related causes are highly preventable. They include:

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Diabetes     
  • Gout
  • Hemochromatosis (with respect to dietary iron overload)

Regarding overweight/obesity, research found that the problem is not so much the extra weight on the weight-bearing joints (especially the knees), but rather a metabolic link to body fat.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that need not exist. It is usually connected with overweight and obesity.

Gout is also a lifestyle disease where, due to uric acid crystals, the joint cartilage degenerates and deteriorates at a faster pace. Uric acid overload is caused by a diet rich in meat, sodium and sugar.

While hemochromatosis is known as a hereditary condition, there is a very strong connection to osteoarthritis being caused by the heavily meat-centered Standard American Diet. Meats are naturally rich in iron.

As you see, there are different causes of osteoarthritis, however, some can be prevented or eliminated by adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Why Highlight Diet-related Causes of Osteoarthritis?

Because SeniorHealthSuccess (see homepage) clearly focuses on and encourages

     1.   Truly healthful nutrition

     2.   Regular physical activity (exercise)

Genetics and deformities are unfortunate for anyone. However, more often than not we have a choice – especially when osteoarthritis is related to the food we eat.

Regular physical exercise, performed correctly to reduce the risk of mechanical stress and injury, is equally as important as a healthful whole foods, plant-based diet.

In today's America - with twenty-seven million Americans having the degenerative condition - there is way too much reliance on analgesics or painkillers to keep the causes of osteoarthritis in check.

These pharmaceuticals do more harm than good. They cure nothing.

Diet and exercise do.

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