Easy Vegan Recipes

Due to your many requests for easy vegan recipes I have decided to start sharing the growing list of my favorite recipes with you, my fellow seniors.

I'm very much in favor of using EASY vegan recipes because I, like many of my peers, don't spend much time in the kitchen.

Pressed for time? Skip ahead to Quick Healthy Recipes.

The actual recipes are awaiting you there...

Whether you have already decided to make the change to a healthy, vitality- and longevity-promoting plant-based diet, or are just now looking into it –

You may be a bit afraid of the "unknown" that comes with lifestyle changes.

Oh yes, there are endless ways of preparing the most delicious meals with the thousands of plant foods available on the market today.

The more you learn about eating vegan the more you will want to try different ways to enjoy the abundance of whole foods.

Start With Some Easy Vegan Recipes

In the beginning you may just be looking for some uncomplicated plant-based recipes to try for yourself.

Fear not, there is nothing easier than preparing healthful food and enjoying all the benefits that whole plant foods provide.

Well, almost nothing easier…

There are of course all those highly processed "edible food-like substances" that you can eat right out of the box or bag or jar or can – you know, the stuff that is a major part of the Standard American Diet.

It's the stuff that makes America sick and sicker.

You can do better than that.

When I prepare and promote uncomplicated vegan recipes I mean it. They're easy. They're simple.

They're healthy. Delicious and healthy.

I create many of them. I tweak some of them.

And if they're not simple or easy enough, I simplify them.

One of my mottos is "Simplicity is the New Freedom."

Simplicity: something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable (Merriam-Webster)

Incidentally, until now I have not recorded or saved recipes. I never thought that my simple food combinations are worthy of being called recipes.

I'm aware of how important the ease of preparation of vegan recipes is to most of you.

So, I'll "Just do it." I will include my own photos if I can.

Please click here to go to my recipe page "Quick Healthy Recipes."


P.S. I'd love to have you participate in this work of love.

To send me your favorite easy vegan recipes, go to Seniors Helping Seniors.

That page is not only for inspirational stories, but it can also accept your recipes (with pictures, if you like). Simply scroll down to the text boxes and enter your easy favorites.

Thank you!

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