Eating Vegan Promotes
Senior Health

Is eating vegan just for some young folks driven to explore new dietary horizons?… Guess again!

Eating vegan is now a health movement that is spreading rapidly through all age groups, including the senior population.

Since 2009, the number of vegans in the U.S. has more than doubled.

Yes! It’s Finally Happening…

Americans - including baby boomers and older adults in huge numbers -

are waking up to the facts.

And the facts are undeniable. 

The standard American diet - SAD for short, and sad it is - makes Americans of all ages sick and sicker.

This diet shortens your life, dear reader.

Research after research shows that a whole foods, plant-based diet results in a healthy, energetic, younger-looking and younger-feeling body.

This diet extends your life, dear reader.

Eating vegan - or at a minimum doing one’s best to improve the nutritional intake - helps prevent and even reverse chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and metabolic syndrome. Seniors need to know this.

Adopting or at least “leaning into” a whole foods, plant-based diet is the best way out of the deadly triangle of sugar-salt-fat.

Sugar and salt and fat - they’re all cheaply, but very scientifically, combined in addictive amounts in your highly processed “edible food-like substances” that you find on your supermarket shelves.

Eating vegan takes you away from all this toxic garbage. It emphasizes eating fresh, health-promoting real food. 

It lets you become your healthiest self possible.

Even at this advanced stage in life? Let me assure you…

It is NEVER too late - no matter your age!

I should mention here that there are some vegans who don’t seem to get it quite right yet. They’re still consuming some “edible food-like substances” - as long as these are not derived from animals.

These products are still void of nutrients for the most part. 

People like to believe that eliminating all animal products would greatly narrow their choice of foods. But according to most vegans, quite the opposite happens. 

Becoming familiar with a great variety of plant foods that weren’t part of your previous diet is exciting and rewarding.

You can enjoy the enormous benefits of nutrient-dense leafy green vegetables. That includes plants that modern society considers weeds or has forgotten about. Dandelion salad, anyone?

Root vegetables are an often overlooked but important part of healthy nutrition.

Fruits of all kinds are available to you. Nuts and seeds are vital for their healthy fats.

Beans, lentils and other legumes are found in every vegan’s kitchen, as they are a major player in the protein department.

Remember sprouts?

You must not dismiss them, as they can contain from 30 up to 100 times more enzymes than vegetables or fruits. These enzymes help your body to extract more of the vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids from these foods.

Mushrooms of many kinds are a valuable addition to the healthy variety of plant foods.

And everybody knows about the power of grains…

But did you know that some grains are actually “complete proteins?”

The meat industry is of course unhappy about this fact. I wonder why?

The vegan’s options are endless…

Let me mention here some occasional exceptions to the fresh plant food rule. Consider them treats, if you will…

There is a whole host of meat and dairy substitutes - call them make-believes - available, but I do not promote these. After all, they are highly processed food items. However, they may help you make an easier transition to real plant-based foods.

Mock meats (made from plant protein) - like ground meat, meat balls, cutlets, hot dogs, burgers, and many more are readily available.

As are dairy alternatives (made from soy, rice, nuts, etc.) - like milks, cheeses, butter, mayonnaise, and even ice cream.

You Are What You Eat

How does eating vegan affect the health of you and me, the seniors?

Aging is a normal process, but your body’s biological and physiological changes can be minimized with plant-strong nutrition. Your body’s efficiency to repair itself can be greatly preserved.

The incredible nutrient density of whole plant foods, combined with elimination or reduction of saturated animal fats, animal proteins and cholesterol, will take you toward senior health and longevity.

While the seniors’ gut flora changes with age, eating a healthy plant-based diet will help protect against colon cancer as well as inflammatory bowel disease.

Studies suggest an association between a vegan diet and reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration and protection against cataracts.

Veganism - along with exercise - is a terrific way to stay lean, light and mobile.

As older adults, we tend to feel less thirst, making us more prone to dehydration. The daily recommended fluid intake is six to eight 8-ounce glasses. So drink up. Mostly water. Cheers!

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