Fermented Foods
Making a Comeback

Fermented foods provide incredible health benefits to the human body.

This is almost an understatement. I'll show you why on this page.

Modern society has lost nearly all of the benefits of these truly health-promoting foods due to cheap mass production methods. It's a shame, really.

You and I are old enough to know the difference between delicious homemade foods and the stuff you find on the supermarket shelves today.  

Old-fashioned sauerkraut and dill pickles are very dear to my heart. I grew up in Post-World War Germany when most families had no other choice but to prepare these powerful foods at home.

I remember well stomping barefoot on layers of shredded cabbage (Kraut) in a large earthenware vat. We also cultivated our own cucumbers for pickling.

My grandparents fermented their own vinegar to use it in food as well as for medicinal purposes.

Many fond memories!

Fermented foods are produced by the action of natural microorganisms. There are various means of fermentation.

Beer, wine and cider use certain methods, while sauerkraut and yogurt use others. As do leavened bread or some cheeses. The list goes on.

Pasteurization (sterilization) in today's food production kills off live yeasts, enzymes and other organisms (e.g. lactobacilli). This is to preserve long shelf life and product uniformity.

But it renders any potential health benefits from fermented foods – including better taste – useless.

Now The Crux Of The Story

By any means possible, if you can find naturally fermented foods, eat them in abundance! Add some to every meal. Why?

Your body's digestive system is in desperate need of good, health-promoting bacteria. Call them probiotics.

From the over-consumption of animal products, including milk and cheese (chock-full of antibiotics, pesticides, horrendous hormones, etc.) to chlorinated drinking water – your healthy gut bacteria are all but non-existent.

This leaves your disease-fighting immune system badly compromised.

Just in case you didn't know this…

As much as 97 percent of the commercial sauerkraut, pickles, beers, yogurts, et cetera are "dead on arrival". They are made with cheap vinegar, sugar, Yellow #5 (terrible stuff!) and other chemicals -- you name them.

Do your senior health a favor. Find some natural, probiotics containing foods. Enjoy them.

Imagine them as partially digested food, as they are rich in enzyme activity.

This action helps your body absorb all the beneficial nutrients you need to stay healthy.

Let me just mention a few more probiotic foods that can be a part of a nutritious diet.

Look for these in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Sourdough breads, pickled onions, beets, kimchi, miso, naturally fermented soy sauce and condiments.

Kombucha, a fermented drink, is gaining in popularity.

Tempeh (fermented soy) is a protein-rich favorite of mine.

Personally, I stay away from kefir, yogurt and cheese. Too many antibiotics come with these.

Only about three percent of beers in America are unpasteurized. These live micro-brewed craft beers can provide you with essential B vitamins in the yeast (how about that for a health benefit!). Some types contain lactobacillus.

And, they are so much more flavorful. So, enjoy these in moderation, and other fermented foods in greater abundance.

Life is good.

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