Fitness For Seniors 
A Call To Action

Let me reassure you first. “Fitness for seniors” is focusing on everything that’s positive about achieving senior health for life. Having said that…

When is comes to fitness and health of older adults, there is lots of misinformation out there…

Ask anyone -- as we get older, we’re destined to incur all kinds of “age-related” limitations -- aches, pains, chronic conditions, and so forth…

And… Since we're told “it is what it is” we might as well neglect to keep our body in the best shape possible. It’s almost like we don’t deserve any better. Is this decline inevitable? 

While there are a few lucky ones out there who have good genes, to the vast majority of older adults “fitness for seniors” is just an empty phrase, right? Yeah, right…

Want to hear another misconception? The notion of “normal aging.” 

To give an example -- diabetes and other life-shortening chronic conditions that result from overweight and/or obesity are not due to “normal aging”. Instead they’re most likely due to a lifelong SAD diet, aka Standard American Diet, and lack of exercise.

Many older adults will experience reduced muscle and bone mass, slower metabolism, decline in strength, reduced lung capacity, loss of flexibility and range of motion, and so on. Normal aging?

 This Is Where Fitness For Seniors Comes In

Most of these negative occurrences can be halted, reversed, or at least improved. Yes, including diabetes! And heart disease…

The simple truth of the matter is that many of the so-called “biomarkers of normal aging” are biomarkers of inactivity and poor diet!

It is not easy for me to be so blunt. I’m speaking from the heart, but I can’t please everybody. Sugarcoating the truth doesn’t do us seniors much good, however. Time flies...

You have a life to live -- in good health, independent, strong, and for many more years to come.

There is a very strong correlation between the aging body and the vital need to promote and maintain senior health through participation in regular physical activity.

Functional fitness for older adults doesn’t come from good genes or good luck, but from the realization that rapid decline of the mature body can be prevented by an active pursuit of senior physical fitness.

In other words - fitness for seniors means the need to change one’s lifestyle and health behavior to assure the desired improvement in senior health.

Please read the page on “Health Behavior Change” to find more specific information regarding this important subject.

Fitness and exercise for seniors have become an indispensable necessity in our sedentary world. 

Sadly, the tremendous reduction in physical activity that comes with living in our modern, industrialized world is one of the causes of the fact that North America is now the sickest, most overweight and under-exercised region on the face of the earth.

In addition to that, we are overmedicated and malnourished.

I didn’t say undernourished, but malnourished. Big difference. 

You can find in-depth information regarding these topics on this website. Thank you.

According to the United States Census Bureau more than 46 million Americans will be over 65 years of age by 2015. Baby boomers are coming full circle.

I am one of these people…

A lifestyle leading to - and maintaining - senior health and fitness needs to be a lifelong pursuit, and I will never stop until I draw the last breath.

This is a CALL TO ACTION for you. Please join me in that pursuit.

We are seniors. We deserve our health. We must make it a success. exists for no other reason.

The time is now. And it’s precious…

You may have noticed that my approach to the subject of senior health is quite different from what you may find elsewhere on the Internet.

Yes, it is good practice to research topics like “fitness for seniors.”

But… at some point you must decide to make active and positive use of your knowledge.

Have you heard the expression "use it or lose it?" 

Staying active is one of the keys to a healthier life. And it's never too late to start. 

Fitness for seniors should now and forever be part of your life. 

I offer to guide you in your effort to establish health and fitness goals, make plans and follow through - step by step.

Find out how Health Coaching can benefit you. It’s an incredibly successful tool for anyone who wants to live a healthier, physically independent, and longer life.

You deserve it!

P.S. One simple and easy way to stay active - or start getting fit - is to begin a walking routine.

The Benefits of Walking are much greater than one would expect -- fitness for seniors the easy way…

After reading it, just put your walking shoes on.

The time is right.

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