How To Be Vegan

Want to know how to be vegan? Ready?

Simply deciding to forgo animal flesh and animal-derived products, including dairy and eggs, in favor of an incredibly healthy whole food, plant-based diet pretty much gets you there.

That's how simple it is. Really. Simple.

Is It Easy To Be Vegan?

It depends on how deep your desire is to live a healthier life for the rest of your years on this planet.

Willpower has very little to do with how to become or how to be vegan.

If you don't mind, I'll tell you how I became and stayed vegan.

Yes, it took me years of study and doubt as well as overcoming the brainwashing by the food industry. But…

When I finally decided I wanted to live the rest of my life in the best shape and health possible – it was EASY. It was a done deal.

Luckily, I didn't have to first suffer a heart attack or stroke to "scare me straight."

Once I had all the independent scientific evidence I needed to make an educated decision, I chose an extended life with mind and body in optimal condition.

The threat of a shortened senior life in dismal health just didn't appeal to me.

Contrary to the naysayers and commercial interests, the science on health and nutrition is very clear...

The Standard American Diet Kills

Don't believe me? Please check this out: Leading Causes of Death.

I chose a healthy and vibrant life over short-lived excuses and indulgence of the SAD diet.

I FINALLY decided not to worry about missing out on some antibiotic-laden steak or sausage, or a chunk of cheese, or a glazed doughnut.

Gladly and happily I made the conscious decision to eliminate foods that were inflammatory, compromise my immune system and likely cause cancer and a miserable life.

Why would I put anything in my body that doesn't provide excellent nutrition? Just because it tastes good and is addictive? My body deserves much better than that!

I instantly felt how positively my whole body reacted to the nutritional richness of plant foods.

I just started eating and enjoying plant foods as whole as possible. There are so many!

The mere number of different vegetables, fruits and berries, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, grains, and seeds takes a lifetime to explore.

Now, if you examine your lifestyle, you too may come to the decision that...

 You Don't Have To Learn
"How To Be Vegan"

Rather than spending years of studying nutrition and having doubt like me…

You'll just do it. Gladly.

You and I, we're seniors. With age comes wisdom, they say. So, is there anything wiser than choosing senior health to be with you for the rest of your life?

Yes, of course, there are changes in your eating habits that need attention.

You want to make sure a varied plant diet provides you with the nutrients required for optimal health.

Supplemental vitamin B12 is highly recommended for older adults – whether you're meat eater or vegan.

How to be vegan… I thought a lot about how I could present this topic in a non-threatening yet convincing manner.

After all, even though the numbers of vegans - or followers of a plant-based dietary lifestyle – are growing rapidly, we're still a minority. The naysayers are aplenty.      

I thought of introducing you to veganism in a step-by-step approach. But then I realized that time is running. As a senior, you may want to make the changes sooner rather than later. Like NOW.

Some research shows that it takes about 21 days to replace old habits with new ones -- sometimes a bit longer. But, what's a month to eliminate a lifetime of unhealthy habits?

It's a good idea to have the new lifestyle habits reinforced by enlisting the help of someone who encourages and guides you in case of a slip-up. It'll happen. No big deal.

Think You'll Be Deprived as a Vegan?

On the contrary, by eliminating eggs, dairy, animal flesh and its derivatives you'll open a whole new world of incredibly nutrient-rich plant foods that begs to be discovered.

Plus, you can still enjoy your other favorites like cakes, cookies, breads, meats (replacements). Even ice cream.

The vegan versions of these favorite foods are just as tasty and delicious – without the cholesterol or saturated fat (or almost none).

Of course, you may want to go easy on these highly processed "treats." Plant food, fresh and whole, is always best.

You'll know how to be vegan the minute you make the decision or come to the realization that a whole foods, plant-based diet offers everything you as a senior will need to ensure a life of health, vigor, vitality, and longevity.

If you feel restricted by "giving up" certain foods – it's not going to work.

If you look forward to enjoying the freshest, most nutrient-dense food you can possibly put in your body – every single cell of your being will be positively affected.

Where does exercise come into all this? It has to be "the other pillar of health." It's part and parcel of your new HEALTHY lifestyle. For more on this, see Exercise for Seniors.

To sum it up -- How to be vegan is best explored rather than explained.

I'm here to help.

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