How To Stay Young

"How to stay young" is a moot subject, if you have given in to feeling old. So, don't. Snap out of it.

I will now show you how you can be forever youthful. Stick around…

There are those who say they don't care to be 21 again. They just want to feel like 21.

They just want to have the vigor back, the energy, the stamina, the metabolism. Guess what…

I would like to be 21 again – as long as I could know what I know now. Well, it can't be done. But…

As far as feeling like 21 – I have some wonderful news for you, dear senior reader.

Yes, you can! How do I know?

Because I do feel like I'm a young person in my twenties.

Actually, I feel better than that. How can I say that?

Today, a majority of twenty-something Americans are in pretty poor shape - in fact, the worst shape in the history of the country.

Just look at the disheartening obesity rates of these young people – and the resultant chronic conditions, like hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and others.

Even at our advanced age, we can do better than that.

Of course, looking in the mirror, you and I can't help but notice the changes the body underwent over the years.

But physically we can do almost as much as we could when we were young. I'm doing it.

I'm happy to be in my sixties. I'm excited and ready for many more years to come.

To repeat one of my most favorite quotes by the famous British author George Eliot:

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."

You too, dear reader, can be in excellent physical and mental shape.

It depends on the effort you make.

Your self-perception regarding aging has more of an impact than you might think.

A couple of years ago I bought a book titled "Younger Next Year" and loved it. It's straight forward and funny. I lent it to all my friends to read.

My wife has her own copy of the book - there's a version for women. I highly recommend this book.

Your positive outlook about your future - and your ability to function well – greatly affects your youthfulness.

It can actually affect not only how to stay young, but how long you live.

It doesn't matter what age you are at the moment. Even if your age right now is say, 80 and you have this forward-looking attitude as well as goals, you will extend your life span.

Recent research proves this. Older participants with positive self-perceptions of aging outlived the control group by 7.5 years.

Another important part of all this is the will to live. Makes perfect sense to me.

How to stay young depends also on how you see the world.

If you see it through young eyes – never mind wrinkles, thinning hair and yes, eyeglasses (which you may take off for a photo) – you will sharply increase your chances for healthy longevity.

Memory loss is NOT an age-related condition.

Nobody accuses a forgetful 25 year old, who is in the midst of stressful college exams, of having dementia. So-called senior moments are common to all ages. So let's not call them 'senior moments' anymore…

Loss of memory, dementia, Alzheimer's, and senility are the result of lifelong poor nutrition and exercise habits, not mere aging.

So, my recommendation to you is this -- stay forever active, well-nourished, engaged and enthusiastic.

I forget where I read this, but here goes:

"Act old and you will be old. Feel young and act it, and you will be young."

How To Stay Young - Suggestions

Keep your muscles strong and flexible (Exercise for Seniors) and your brain sharp (Brain Health).

Neither your body nor your mind were meant to sit idle. Both need to keep moving – or they'll become acidic and toxic – and thus age rapidly.

And nourish yourself with the right foods (Anti-aging Diet). With a non-toxic and alkaline-balanced whole foods diet, your body can heal itself and thrive.

I would love to share with you my experience regarding how to stay young. By all means - Contact me. It's free.

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"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

-- George Eliot,           English novelist