La Luz Blanca Me Rodea
 White Light Surrounds Me

How would you like to be a shining light for someone without even trying? Simply while doing what’s right for you?

Yes, just by taking the right steps toward better health and nutrition. Steps to healthy aging. One step at a time.

The following story is meant to serve as an example how seniors can help seniors live a healthy lifestyle. This page connects you back to Seniors Helping Seniors for more information.

While living in Mexico, I once had a visitor from Mexico City who mentioned in a conversation that she feels she is surrounded by “white light” - making her not so much a standout, but rather just visible to others - in a humble and unselfish way. She views this as a privilege.

She feels safe and appreciated. She wants to set a good example to others by the way she conducts herself. With healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle.

“La luz blanca me rodea” has made a profound impact on me.

Whenever I’m taking my “steps to healthy aging” by running long distance, I’m using this phrase - in English it means "The White Light Surrounds Me" - in my affirmations.

For years I was doing training runs on the dirt road alongside the two-lane highway near my home in Baja California Sur.

One day some passerby in a car stopped to tell me that he frequently drives on this highway and that he noticed my obvious dedication to running. He informed me that I had inspired him to pick up running. The repeated “reminder” had helped him realize that he should no longer delay taking better care of his health.

What a thrill this was for me! For the rest of that day’s run I don’t think I touched the ground -- I floated on air! Talk about a “runner’s high”…. La luz blanca me rodea.

You, dear reader, by taking steps to healthy aging, one step at a time, will make a difference, not only in your own life and well-being, but in somebody else’s as well. This could be a loved one, maybe a neighbor or a friend. Maybe a stranger...

Take the first small step, then another one. It will be the beginning of a profound change in your life that you didn’t think possible.

The White Light surrounds you, too. People will notice it and be drawn to it.

You can be that shining light for them to follow.

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