Prevent Osteoarthritis

Is it easy to prevent osteoarthritis? Absolutely!

Then why is it that 27 million Americans have this debilitating disease?

Actually, with the baby boomers coming of age, the numbers will soar even higher. Osteoarthritis will become one of the most common disabilities in older adults.

So, it must be too late for you to prevent or even halt osteoarthritis, right?

No, it isn't! If you conclude that you don't want this dreaded disease, you can truly prevent it from ever disabling you.

Of course, most (90%) of us over 40 years old already have some level of osteoarthritis in our spine, hips, knees, or feet. We just don't have any symptoms showing.

Unless you have adhered to a very healthy diet and regular exercise for most of your life, you're likely one of us. Once we have reached age 70, a majority will show symptoms.

What You Can Do To Prevent Osteoarthritis

Something has to be changed. NOW.

The risk factors have to be modified. Lifestyle has to be adjusted.

Let's start with diet.

Believe it or not, broccoli has just been (once again!) proved to have preventive properties (sulforaphane) for most forms of arthritis.

That's in addition to being anti-cancer and anti-microbial – sulforaphane that is.

Broccoli happens to be one of my all-time favorites in the world of fresh plant foods. I like it even better now, because…

In 2013, researchers at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. found in a major study that this molecule (sulforaphane) slows the destruction of cartilage in joints that can cause osteoarthritis.

In case you don't like broccoli, just eat lots of cabbage and sprouts – all loaded with this powerful compound.

Of course, there is much more to healthy nutrition than a few selected vegetables that were the subject of this particular research.

I'm convinced by plain facts and my own experience...

You just can't go wrong with a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Exercise And Ideal Body Weight

I know… here I go again.

But the truth remains that if you're 10 pounds overweight, with each step (while walking) your body increases the force on each knee by 30 to 60 pounds. Not only that, but your spine, hip and feet are taking a beating as well.

If you're 50 pounds overweight -- you do the math.

Losing weight would be a very useful idea.

Regular exercise will do wonders for that. Any exercise helps.

Strong musculature definitely protects your joints. Practicing good posture and proper body mechanics will help prevent osteoarthritis.

And stress on your joints from work-related repetitive (or awkward) motions or activities can wreak havoc.

Now, please listen to your body. The aforementioned activities may quite often result in obvious pain. Don't disregard these signs. Give your joints the rest they need to recover.

Osteoarthritis is often and commonly caused by injury to the joints that accumulated over time. The constant wearing away of cartilage is the culprit.

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Interested in finding out how to prevent the dreaded gout - yet another form of arthritis? Click here.

Once again, try to prevent osteoarthritis by properly aligning your joints (good posture) while maintaining ideal weight through exercise that is performed regularly and moderately.

And eat your broccoli. Your joints will love you.


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