Prevent Stroke
Save Brain And Life

Can you prevent stroke, aka brain attack, from ruining your life or even killing you? Yes, you can. You can do a lot.

Everybody knows what a heart attack is – and a brain attack is not much different.

To prevent a deadly or disabling stroke from ever happening to you, you can do a number of things to protect the brain.

Let me rephrase this sentence. "You can" is in my opinion "you absolutely MUST." The brain is your most important and valuable asset! Is it not?

Are you protecting it?

I hope so, because I also know that many are apparently doing very little for their Brain Health. Want proof?

Stroke ranks as the fourth leading killer in America (see my page on Leading Causes of Death).

Two basic types of stroke or brain attack are common.

When blood circulation to and in your brain is either decreased or interrupted/blocked, brain cells die from lack of oxygen. You suffer an ischemic stroke.

Let me remind you here that fully one third of your brain's volume is composed of blood vessels!

Bleeding into your brain or its surrounding areas is called a hemorrhagic stroke.

795,000 Americans have a stroke each year. 160,000 don't survive it. The life of the survivors is forever changed.

You're a senior. I'm a senior. We most likely personally know someone who's dealing with this devastating condition. A brain attack affects more lives than just the victim's. It's a tragedy.

  What Do You Do To Prevent Stroke?

Since hypertension (see Lowering Blood Pressure) is by far the most potent risk factor for stroke, it is pretty clear that a healthful diet low in cholesterol and saturated fats from animal products, as well as being low in salt, alcohol and caffeine can make a substantial difference.

A plant-strong diet keeps the arteries open and supple, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis leads to both heart attack and brain attack. So do coronary artery disease, obesity and diabetes. They're all part and parcel of the same outcome.

Lowering the body weight, even if it's only as little as 10 pounds, contributes more to reducing the risk factors just mentioned than you may think.

The whole world now knows how bad smoking is for anyone's health. If you do smoke, please stop. Save a life. Yours.

Physical inactivity or lack of exercise also bears responsibility in all the above mentioned conditions.

You may want to look at Exercise for Seniors to find ways to prevent stroke and/or heart attack.

I don't believe advanced age is necessarily a major factor. Strokes can happen at any age.

I also don't believe that heredity is a major player, as some would like to believe.

Many stroke sufferers come from families who for generations have shared a similar lifestyle with regard to both poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. I mainly blame a poor diet for the resulting brain attack in these people.

I offered my opinion on a few things here. There is something else.

I find that it is somewhat disheartening to see the mention of lots of drugs and "preventive" medications in the available medical literature about how to prevent stroke.

These neither prevent nor cure anything. They simply mask the symptoms.

I firmly believe that improving nutrition (like a whole foods, plant-based diet) and regular exercise can prevent and cure not only a stroke, but much of what ails humankind.

Ask me about what else you can do to improve your odds for a healthier and longer life.

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