Types of Vegetarians

Given the astounding number of different types of vegetarians, it's little wonder why people are a bit confused.

By the end of this page I'll have the confusion laid to rest.

What all of these followers of vegetarianism do – or should - have in common is the emphasis on plant foods.

Some (like the Vegetarian Society, founded 1847 in the UK) say the word vegetarian was developed from the Latin term vegetus (vigorous or lively).

Dictionaries, such as the Oxford English Dictionary, have it as a combination of the words vegetable with the suffix –arian.

As you will see, it gets more confusing when I tell you about the different forms of vegetarianism.

Some follow more common forms like

  • ovo – include only eggs
  • lacto – include only dairy
  • lacto-ovo – include dairy and eggs
  • semi-vegetarian – include fish and/or poultry, very little mammalian meat
  • pescetarian – include fish and seafood
  • vegan – the only true vegetarian, avoids ALL animal-derived products
  • raw vegan – only fresh and uncooked plant foods
  • fruitarian – only nuts, seeds, fruits that are harvested without harming the plant

There are other types of vegetarians to be found on this planet. Let me mention some.

  • Adherents to the yogic/sattvic/sentient diet
  • the macrobiotic diet (grains and beans, mostly)
  • Jain vegetarians (yes to dairy, no to eggs and honey and root veggies)
  • Buddhist vegetarians (as many different types as there are types of Buddhism)
  • flexitarians (another word for semi-vegetarian)

 My Position on These Types of Vegetarians?

I admire all those who adopt a lifestyle that reduces the carbon footprint of humans and make steps toward sustainability of life on earth.

Any and all diets that contain ingredients that are not truly plant-based - like meats (come on now), fish and fowl, dairy and eggs - are not vegetarian.

Those are watered-down versions of the healthiest way on earth to provide superior nutrition to the human body.

After years of trial and error, the nutrition lifestyle I adopted as the most health-promoting is that of veganism.

If you adhere to any of the above mentioned ways of vegetarianism, by trying to avoid eating animal flesh or its byproducts, you are making a tremendous contribution to the ultimate survival of this earth.

I am a senior – like you, dear reader – and can tell you that I am not only surviving, but THRIVING on the whole foods, plant-based diet.

Our ancient ancestors have in all likelihood had to eat animals to survive when there was no plant food available. But they didn't thrive on consuming animal flesh.

Our digestive system doesn't thrive on it. It can barely survive it (see Standard American Diet).

Plant foods are incredibly nutrient-dense and afford the human body EVERYTHING it needs to thrive.

Having said that -- sadly, modern industrialized agriculture has made the use of some supplementation unavoidable.

The author of this page is not going to engage in a philosophical or political debate over the pros and cons. Not here.

I enjoy the best health ever in my whole life.

I did a tremendous amount of research on nutrition.

Of all the different types of vegetarians referred to on this page, I agree most with the followers of veganism (mainly the nutritional component, secondarily the ethical side).

Eating vegan works wonders for me.

If you would like to follow this path of superior health, contact me.

Please make sure you do, because living as vegans or other types of vegetarians can be as unhealthy a lifestyle as the meat-centered one.

With a little planning it's the easiest and healthiest dietary lifestyle in the world.

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