Unhealthy Eating
The Unexpected #1 Killer

Yes, unhealthy eating, a habit that was likely acquired over a lifetime, can be "unlearned." That's the good news right up front. Now this…

Why is it so incredibly important to change poor eating habits?

Because A Poor Diet May Cut Your Life Short.

Get this – the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), with scientists from around the world participating, recently released data (from 2010) which shows that poor diet is the leading cause of health decline and death.

Want numbers?

Unhealthy eating was to blame for 678,288 deaths in 2010, surpassing the #1 of the 15 illnesses and events that make up the 15 leading causes of death in America, as published by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

For more on the CDC's 2011 report, please click on Leading Causes of Death.

A Poor Diet Can Be Changed

If you are on the so-called Standard American Diet (SAD), you're certainly not alone. Most Americans are following this devastating form of eating that leads to premature death.

So, why do most Americans succumb to this horrendous diet?

Consider this – while the U.S. Government spends about $3.6 million per year on its nutrition education program for the general public --

the amount the food industry spends on their promotions/advertising is almost 1000 times as much, namely $25 BILLION. Billion with a B.

McDonald's alone spends about $1 billion.

Based on this constant, intrusive, clever 24/7 brain-washing it's no wonder that willpower can't override the seduction.

Most of the time we're not even aware of it.

They don't make it easy for us, do they?


You can change your future dietary habits, starting now.

If you think you deserve a healthier, more fulfilling and longer life – raise your hand!

While the clock is running for us seniors, it is not too late to make changes.

Think about two things you may want to change: unhealthy eating and physical inactivity. Simple as that.

People are dying because of their refusal to make these simple and life-saving changes.

Not only will you save and prolong your own life, but with better nutrition you will greatly reduce your cost of having to deal with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancers of various kinds.                       

You can also avoid non-fatal disabilities and reductions in your quality of life that come with unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, such as loss of eye sight, amputations, osteoporosis. The list goes on.

You can prevent most of this.

Let me put it differently. You cannot ignore preventive efforts, because it is simply too expensive to keep eating a cheap, yet unhealthful, diet.

Cancer, heart disease and stroke, obesity and diabetes -- any of these can cost you the ultimate price.

Don't let this happen to you!

Your health doesn't get better by chance. It gets better by choice.

The choice is yours. You're a senior.

The clock is running. Make the right choice now. If not now, when?

I try to impart a sense of urgency throughout this website for older adults. The quality and length of your life may depend on it.

According to the CDC, state and federal governments spend one thousand times more to treat disease than to prevent it ($1,390 vs. $1.21 per person each year).

Some say, well, that's government for you. But individuals do the very same thing.

They'd rather spend thousands of dollars PER MONTH for all kinds of medications (like anti-depressants, pain killers, statins, sleeping aids, Viagra and who knows what else) instead of spending a few extra dollars for health-promoting organic fresh produce.

I may not have the resources to spend on promoting healthy eating and exercise.

But I have this website for you.

If I can get one person to take the "un" out of unhealthy eating and improve his/her health to gain vitality and longevity – I've done my job.

The choice is yours…

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