Weight Loss Strategies
That Truly Make the Difference

As we're all getting older, many of us realize that we can't play around with diets any longer - it's time NOW to lose the weight for an optimal health outcome -- once and for all.

Diets are NOT weight loss strategies. They don't work. Never did. Never will.

Here’s What Really Works...

I'm going to say this like I see it - with love and empathy in my heart – otherwise I wouldn't bother with SeniorHealthSuccess.com.

If you're overweight or obese –

Your relationship with food has to change.


Your physical activity has to change.

So, if you're really and truly done with looking for excuses -

1.   Find your inner motivation.

2.   Set realistic goals.  


When I say "make the commitment" I mean make it without reservation or regrets.

Make the commitment with love for your SELF.

Make it joyfully and with abandon, looking forward to experiencing the great rewards of a health-promoting lifestyle change.

As time is of the essence for the seniors we are –

How hard can it be to choose a truly healthy life over some short-lived indulgences?

While tasting good, even delicious, most of the foods that make up the so-called Standard American Diet keep you in a constantly worsening state of inflammation, immune system deficiency and chronically diseased.

Feeling reasonably well (at least appearing that way) can hide the symptoms of chronic conditions for a long time.

Those huge numbers on the CDC's list of Leading Causes of Death represent human beings, many of whom probably felt just fine - until disaster struck.

I see examples of this every day. And it saddens me.

Okay. Let's do it then.

Go deep into your thoughts and shift the mental image you have of yourself.

This is not voodoo. It's backed up by scientific evidence.

If you see yourself as a success from the start, your chances of losing the weight multiply.

More than that, they're unstoppable. You're unstoppable.

Such is the power of visualization. Find your inner motivation.

Be Specific About Your Weight Loss Goal

Being specific is your #1 weight loss strategy.

The brain detects a difference between where you are and where you want to be, so when you're specific, your brain commits resources like willpower to it.

"Lose some weight" is NOT a commitment or a goal.

Set a tangible goal with a firm deadline. You may want to take before-and-after photos. It will help you stay motivated.

I'd love to be your supporter and guide in your new life experience.

Expect some discomfort. You're leaving behind old, ingrained eating habits. Knowing that it can be uncomfortable will help you get through it.

And remember, you're unstoppable now. You are committed.

Additional Weight Loss Strategies

Getting plenty of quality sleep is one of the biggest secrets to losing weight and keeping it off.

Step up (adjust) your metabolism with fat-fighting foods. Click here for more.

Down size your dinnerware.

Don't skip breakfast.

No late night snacks. Look forward to a healthful breakfast instead.

Start all or most of your meals with greens.

The old weight loss advice of eating your vegetables is still true.

Of all the weight loss strategies listed here, this one is very important:

Calories from processed foods like bread and refined sugars stimulate overeating.

Calories from whole foods like vegetables (see daily fiber intake!) decrease hunger.

I thrive on a whole foods, plant-based diet (it's one of my most favorite pages on SeniorHealthSuccess).

Never in my life have I felt better and healthier than since I made the change to a plant-based dietary lifestyle.

You should do that, too. It works wonders. Yes, it's wonderful!

Merely making the decision to finally (finally!) embark on the journey of a healthy, longer life is one of the greatest mood boosters ever found.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you forever.

Even More Weight Loss Strategies…

Make colorful veggie party trays (party or no party) so you'll eat more of the nutrient-rich but low-calorie foods.

Make it easy for yourself. Stock up on nutritious frozen vegetables.

Don't have treats at home. Go out to enjoy them. No meals, just treats…

Schedule a future cheat day (if you can't do without).

Ask yourself: Am I truly hungry or do I just feel "snackish?"

Eat every three to four hours so you'll be equipped to say no to "snack attacks."

Take the time to chew thoroughly.

I was going to mention brown-bagging lunch - but you're a senior, enjoying retirement. If, however, you work away from home, pack your own.

Never go shopping when hungry.

No sodas!! It doesn't matter whether they're regular or diet.

Instead, drink lots of water. It does a body good.


I'd like to mention Hypothyroidism now – or underactive thyroid.

This condition, in which the pituitary gland produces too little of a key hormone that regulates metabolism, is one of the reasons for weight gain that stubbornly refuses to reverse itself. This is a source of frustration.

Endocrinologists say it’s surprisingly common. One out of five adults over age 40 suffers from an underactive thyroid.

A close family member of mine struggles with this unfortunate affliction.


Last, but not least of the weight loss strategies -

Muscle-building strength training helps your metabolism to more effectively burn calories.

While aerobic exercise is a good fat burner for everyone, resetting your metabolism through strength training is what I consider an excellent weight loss strategy.


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